how we work

HOW we work

We are a self-managed condominium association, with each home privately owned. We pay homeowners’ dues, which go toward utilities, maintenance, and our replacement reserves. We make many of our community decisions through a consensus process. We meet once a month to attend to the business of the community, share our joys and concerns, and to connect with one another. And we work together to care for our property, buildings, and landscape by signing up for chores, participating in community-wide work parties, and by being a member of a standing committee.


Every four months, each adult member of the community signs up for four hours of community work at a time that is convenient for them.



There are four full-day and two half-day work parties per year when the community comes together to accomplish larger tasks and maintenance work. These parties usually address major projects, such as staining fences, landscaping, small construction projects, fixing pavers, etc. Full day work parties have a mid-day break to share a lunchtime meal. Many people value the opportunity to work together and the atmosphere is one of fun and cooperation.



Committees do most of the ongoing work of the community, including preparation for community meetings and decisions. Some decision-making power is delegated directly to the committees. Each adult member of the community is expected to participate in a committee. Besides contributing to getting the work done, being on a committee is a good way to get to know each other better. Our committees include:


Community Life:  Responsible for scheduling meetings, work parties, events, etc.; outreach; and new member orientation.


Meals:  Responsible for menu planning and sign-ups, collecting meal payments, maintaining common house kitchen staple items, etc.


Business:  Plans and conducts our annual budget process, maintains PRCA books, collects dues and pays bills, files taxes. Maintains website and email lists.


Buildings:  Responsible for maintaining roofs, sidings, gutters, dormers, vents, skylights, garage doors, etc. (Everything from the walls in is the responsibility of each individual owner; everything that is part of the “building envelope” is the community’s responsibility.)


Outdoor Stuff:  Maintains porches, fences, outdoor furniture, rockery and concrete, waterlines, gas lines, sewer lines, exterior lights, plumbing, wiring, garage organization, and gives parking assignments.


Common House:  Maintains the interior of the common house (painting, furniture, carpet, floors, etc.), appliances, and decorations.


Shop, Tools, Appliances & Sustainability:  Manages and maintains the common house shop, our community basement,  and common tools equipment, and appliances. Manages recycling and reuse.


Landscape:  Plans and manages development of all common landscaping on the site, maintains lawns, trees and shrubs, gardens, natural vegetation, the pond, nursery, and installs and maintains irrigation lines and devices.


Garden: Manages community organic garden.



These are occasionally formed if an issue arises that does not fit within the purview of a committee. While a committee is ongoing, a task force will work together only until the task is complete.